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Excursie Berlijn

Afgelopen periode zijn we met enkele van onze uitwisselingsstudenten naar Berlijn geweest om ze te laten zien dat er naast Nederland ook nog mooie andere plekken zijn in Europa.

Hieronder vind je een beschrijving van een van de studenten van deze reis:

“Last week Colin, Kennisyn, and Rose, ASSE exchange students currently living in the Netherlands, went on a three day excursion to Berlin, Germany. We started early Tuesday morning and took a plane from Schiphol Airport into Berlin. The three of us, along with ASSE Netherlands’ director Kelvin Colsen, took the train from the airport and went to the hotel. From there we went on a walking tour to explore the street art in Berlin. I think that this is when we really started to admire the beauty of the city. The exchange students knew each other before the trip but throughout the day we got closer and began to form real friendships. The evening was spent at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and by the end of the first day there was a really positive and amicable energy with the 3 students. On the second day we went on a biking tour around the city. Since we had been living in the Netherlands for the past 8 months our biking skills had improved significantly and the tour was a lot of fun. We learned about the history of Berlin and explored different parts of the city that were powerful and stunning. We then went to Victoria Park and spent the late afternoon taking pictures and admiring the waterfall. We all went for dinner together and talked for hours about our fun experiences as exchange students. On the last day we took a boat tour, which was really fun, then spent the afternoon shopping. In the evening we went for dinner and caught our flight back to Amsterdam. Overall, the excursion to Berlin was amazing, we got to experience another culture and see a new city. We also had the opportunity to become closer to our fellow exchange students and I think that was my favourite part. This trip was a very positive and fun part of my year living abroad and I will never forget it!”


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